Escape from Happy House

In Development
Begin Development: Jan 2021
Release Window: May 2021

Made with the help of online collaborators, Escape From Happy House puts the player in the world of the forgotten elderly using humor, character-driven stories, and set pieces to deliver an entertaining action, stealth, and puzzle game. Agnes is clever and uses everything that is at her disposal to distract the staff of the residence, even other residents, to get what she needs. From bedpans, to tranquilizers and old oatmeal—Agnes is a threat to be reckoned with.

I'm developing this game and have written the majority of the scripts used in this project (A* Pathfinding Project for AI navigation in 2D was used). My friends are creating the art assets based off my designs.

Programming Features

-Delegates, events, and actions

-Dictionaries and lists

-Singular, observer, and publisher/subscriber patterns used

-Player prefs, A* Pathfinder project modification

-Blend trees, state machine events, triggers, animations

-Timelines, animators, colliders, and more