EFHH (Escape from Happy Homes)


Newgrounds Daily Feature: 1st Place

Newgrounds Front Page Award





Made with the help of online collaborators, Escape From Happy Homes puts the player in the world of the forgotten elderly using humor, character-driven stories, and set pieces to deliver an entertaining stealth-action, horror-adventure 2D game.

Agnes, our hero, is newly admitted to the Happy Homes Assisted Living Facility and must escape before she is put out to pasture—literally! Talking to other residents while avoiding nurses, Agnes must collect clues and items to make her great escape. With the help of an eccentric engineer, Bishop, who also wishes to escape, she will uncover a dark, hidden secret that could mean

the end of everything as we know it.

Programming Features

-Delegates, events, and actions

-Dictionaries and lists

-Singular, observer, and publisher/subscriber patterns used

-Player prefs, A* Pathfinder project modification

-Blend trees, state machine events, triggers, animations,

-Timelines, signals, animators, colliders, and more